REVerence presets gone.

All presets except LA Studio are suddenly gone.
Is there any way to rescan or reimport the I/R:s?


Mac OS 10.6.6
2x2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Xeon
6 Gb RAM

You are on mac and we are on PC but here goes anyway…

On our schools nuendo5 DAW we have had this also on two separete scenarios.

First presets were all gone. Just disappeared from our system.
Re-installing reverence content did not help. So we figured out that we had something wrong with our whole setup as there were also other random oddities and got rid of windows7 64bit enterprise edition and all the administration BS that was installed to our system.
Installed windows7 home 64bit instead and after that system has functioned well.

But every now and then reverence presets are gone. It finds all our own presets that are saved by our students but not the factory presets…
Rebooting computer helps. It is some kind of crash that happens but I don’t know exactly what happens and when it happens. Very random and not so usual.

Bye / Tumppi

Problem solved!
I had by mistake unchecked the Mac HD in Mediabay.