Reverence question

Is Time Scaling the reverb’s decay? Is it expressed in percentage or in milliseconds?



I would think milliseconds as this is what is listed in the Cubase Plug-In Manual.

“Time Scaling Controls the reverb time.”

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Hi on Cubase’s manual there is not written it is in milliseconds
Further it is strange to me that you have only 0 to 150 milliseconds range for a Reverb Time :slight_smile:

It’s a percentage. Try auditioning it with the tap - set at 150 and it’s 50% longer, 50 and it’s 50% shorter, etc.

can you elaborate better please?
What does auditioning with tap mean?

Use the tap button (on the left of the UI, marked with a play button) to audition the impulse response. You’ll hear the difference as you alter the time scaling.

Convolution reverbs start to sound weird if you manipulate the IR’s length too much, probably the reason why the time scaling range is fairly narrow.