REVerence RAM consumption - opinions welcome

Since REVerence is such a RAM hog for no apparent reason, I’m looking into a few upgrade options.

If money is no object would you…

A. Purchase Altiverb XL so you can run many 5.1 instances on your current 4GB system
B. Purchase a 24GB system that can run the amount if REVerence instances you want and patiently wait for the fixes and upgrades to be addressed.

The price differences on these options are marginal. I’m personally leaning towards B

foe me it’s a, no question.

i like reverence but i love altiverb. the latter’s ir library is beyond compare.


Plus the AltiVerb library is constantly being updated, all free to registered users - the most recent only being on the 9th of Feb.
REVerence has a lot of potential, but it must be developed and the library simply has to get much better than it currently is. For sure, it scores heavily by being able to import & use custom IR files - something that is not at all straightforward with AltiVerb on PC (no special applet for creating a properly formatted IR like Mac users get :smiling_imp: ) and the Program Matrix is a nice feature too.
But it is a horrific resource hog and AltiVerb isn’t…

Let’s hope this does get the development it deserves.
To add to the list:
1 - Proper surround support, please, with independant control over every parameter for each channel.
You do not want the same ER/Tail settings in L/R as you would in Ls/Rs or C.
2 - Bigger library
3 - A tool to create IR files like AltiVerb’s Pre Processor…

All great arguments for A

I’m still leaning towards B, I’m sure 24gb ram and a i7 monster will come in handy somewhere.

Last year was just such a bad year… this year is starting off great, having trouble parting with my cash lol.

man I remember when Altiverb was considered the CPU hog of the century, well maybe decade…

Its hard to believe it now is considered “lean” ! So just what makes Reverence that much more of a CPU eater?
Honestly curious here.

I love the sound from both and don’t have Altiverb on my Nuendo rig so can’t directly compare.

I think with AltiVerb that AudioEase just got better at the optimization of their code.
One stereo instance of AltiVerb barely registers on my CPU usage in N5.
Surround is a bit more, and a lot less in IR too.

REVerence can be a superb thing as long as it’s library gets developed & expanded.
It could do with a few more bells & whistles in usage too, as it looks primitive next to AltiVerb.
For example:
1 - 4-band (with 2-bands Parametric midrange) EQ on AV, 3 on REV. with no Q control at all.
2 - No damping/gains controls at all on REV, just ER/Tail split & ER/Tail mix. AltiVerb gives you low/mid/high damping (with adjustable crossovers) as well as separate gain & delay controls for ER & Tail.

Talking about REVerence’ EQ, when you activate it, the waveform in the viewer to the left reflects the EQ changes. Does anyone know why?

REVerence does have - bless it - separate control over front & rear on the 6 main parameters (for which I am truly grateful, and I mean that - not being facetious at all) as well as the ability to import multichannel IR, I believe (will check this but feel sure it can) which AltiVerb could not do last time I tried.

The best challenger to AltiVerb that I ever saw & used was the sublime WizooVerb.
Now that was a real contender. Makes me so mad when I think about what happened there… :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: (is there an icon for “dribble” or “froth” or “rant” at all??)

I like REVerence a lot, I like many of the IR’s it shipped with and also took the time to create many of my own including a whole folder of mono rooms. I find it very useful

except in a large mix.

Because every instance of reverence eats up hundereds of MB’s of RAM. And that’s just with 1 IR loaded. So if I want checkerboarded reverbs for each stem to be available that contain all of IR’s I’ll use… plus a couple aux’s ready to roll if needed… I need tons more ram.

What I really want, is basically my own Reverence preset template… top row all mono going from small to large - middle row would be medium spaces and vehicles… bottom row would be large spaces and sound designy stuff. So, all rows filled… x 10. 24GB i7 should be able to handle that and run everything else.

All I need now is for SB to get rid of this recall button automation thing… really annoying

My EQ on REV defaults to +6db bump in the midrange, so when I turn it on, I see it in the wav form too.

This is exactly what I see - what is happening here though?
I do not understand why the IR waveform gets altered - seems like a waste of memory to me.

It is a waste of RAM, and from what I understand, the image of the IR is updating because it’s an actual image of that IR rewriting itself with EQ on it in RAM. This is why a 1mb IR loaded into reverence eats up 30mb of RAM.

I got it!!

i7 8core, 12gb ram - will add more later probably

but I successfully loaded all 36 slots with IR’s and duplicated the plug 8 times… with ram to spare!!

I doubt I’ll ever push it this hard on a real project

new toys!