REverence true stereo file format? How to make in Nuendo?

Hi Guys,

I used to have a lot of altiverb in my sessions, but as Audioease are taking forever to update to x64 and I’m having issues with the jbridge wrapped versions (it tends to lose its settings between saved sessions), I need to look at alternatives.

One option was to for the time being sample the IR’s from Altiverb that I’m using and use reverence instead.

However, I don’t know how to make a true stereo IR. If I create a quad file, the channels seem to be in the wrong order as it sounds very ‘left heavy’, i.e a lot of sound energy on the left and not on the right when I send in a panned signal to the sampled IR in Reverence.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what the correct file format/channel is for Reverence true stereo IR files?



Hi jorisdeman,

in case the impulse response file has four channels
and the track REVerence has been inserted in only two,
the plug-in automatically works in True Stereo mode.

Exporting a quad file in Nuendo is correct. Please make sure that your four mono files are in the order

I am nor sure, if Altiverb uses the same order.


There needs to be a way in REVerence to load separate True Stereo Left and Right files, that is, a 2 channel stereo Left file, and a 2 channel stereo Right file.

Audiothing Fog Convolver has this.