I would very much like to use the Cubase-supplied plugin REVerence in Wavelab 8 (Mac). Is this possible? If so, what should I do?

I don’t believe this is possible. You can include the Cubase VST3 folder in WaveLab’s search path, but REVerence won’t show up.

Yesterday I got the information from Administrator Mr. Hübner, that REverance is indeed not available for Wavelab 8. As well Altiverb 6 and the vintage Wizooverb don’t work, which I could use in Wavelab 6. If I understood him wright, there are no plans to solve these problems.

For me, that is not ok, as there is no warning from Steinberg, that Wavlab 8 only works with very few plugins of other manufacturers.
He suggests to buy a reverb of waves. Price: $ 250.

A really nice idea.

Altiverb works with WaveLab 8.0.2 afaik

@PG: is there any technical reason why someone who’s got both Cubase and WaveLab full licenses on the eLicenser is prevented from using REVerence in WaveLab? Is it just because of some discrepancy in the eLicenser software?

[EDIT:]I’ll rephrase: is there any technical reason which would prevent REVerence from working in WaveLab?

Did you try with wavelab 8.02?

Yes, Options->Plug-in settings->Additional VST plugin folders (WaveLab specific)->C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7\VST3, then restart WaveLab.

Strangely then I can see “Steinberg->Instrument->Synth: Prologue” but under “Steinberg->Reverb” there is still only RoomWorks SE and RoomWorks.

Everything x64, WaveLab 8.0.2, Cubase 7.0.5, Windows 7x64.

Did you look in other sub menus?
Use the search function in the plugin settings dialog.

I had just assumed it wasn’t available for some reason. I have the same issue. I have the path set, but it does not show. Searching doesn’t find it and it isn’t in the ignore list. I assumed Reverence was in the “Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3” file and that you couldn’t read out the embedded plugs.

I’d really like to figure it out if Reverence is supposed to be available.

Not sure if it’s still called Reverence in Cubase, but the new name for it is ADverb, maybe that’s listed? On the other hand, I can see how included Cubase plugins would only work in Cubase (as some WL plugins only do in WL), since Steinberg will have to pay the supplier for its use in that particular software. You could consider buying another instance of ADverb for $39 - i.s.o. Waves.

But if PG says it should work then it should, ofcourse.

Reverence is a Steinberg product as far as I know. Usually the licensed ones are listed with the company name they are licensed from (e.g. Sonnox, Voxengo, etc…). Reverence is “Steinberg Media Technologies”. Why would Steinberg restrict it’s own apps in it’s own product range? Especially plugins, where you would have to own the distribution license in order to even have it.

:confused: As JM says, Reverence is a Steinberg product and part of Cubase / Nuendo. ADverb is a plug-in from Audio Damage, nothing to do with Wavelab or Cubendo AFAIK.

Hmm. Interesting, as Audio Damage says “ADverb is Reverence renamed.” Must be the two capitals that makes the difference…

Interesting … All I know is that REVerence is a great plugin and I’d love to have it in Wavelab if at all possible.

I would hasard a guess that they had to change the name due to the name conflict with the Steinberg product.

True. Here’s the original:


The link in the previous post refers only to a plate reverb. REVerence has a number of impulses provided with it.

Is it possible to use Cubase-supplied impulses with Adverb.

If so, it’s an easy solution given that it’s priced at US$39

Oh dear. Here’s the deal: Audio Damage once had an algorithmic reverb plugin called Reverence. When Cubase’s IR reverb with the same name came out, AD renamed theirs, in its 2.0 incarnation, ADverb. So, ADverb is NOT an IR verb, and Reverence is NOT an AD product. Still confused? Not after this episode of… :smiley:

(If you’re after a free IR verb, try SIR.)


I tried everything I know, but REverence doesn’t appear, Altiver doesn’t appear, Wizooverb doesn’t appear.

PG didn’t come right out and say it, but it seemed he was suggesting it should be there. PG can you confirm or deny REVerence availability in Wavelab 8?