A plugin that is part of Cubase is often using parts inside Cubase, hence can’t be used in another app.

The Roomworks plugin works and it is a Cubase plugin as well. Many plugins including Altiverb 6 worked with Wavelab 6. So it is possible to find a way to get them work…if Steinberg wants it…

WizooVerb don’t work in WLab8 ??? It’s my mainverb in Nuendo and WLab. All my master-presets in Wlab include Wizzooverb. Sorry, this is a another reason not jump to WLab 8, besides the GUI …

WizooVerb don’t work in WLab8 ???

I don’t have this plugin to try, but the persons who reports this, earlier in this thread, also says Altiverb 6 does not work. This was true with WaveLab 8.0.1, but this plugin works ok in WaveLab 8.0.2. Therefore I guess this is the same with WizooVerb (unlike 8.0.1, WaveLab 8.0.2 is compatible with plugins using special copy protection).

“Sorry, this is a another reason not jump to WLab 8, besides the GUI …”

I suggest you don’t do this to yourself. Wavelab 8 is an order of magnitude better than Wavelab 7. Workflow is enhanced considerably. If you do a lot of work with Wavelab, I would certainly recommend upgrading.

To really rub it in, Steinberg appears to lie in the manual!

This claim is present in both the WaveLab 8 and WaveLab 8 Elements manuals.

I think it is disrespectful of Steinberg to prevent us to use the plug-ins which we have already paid for once (and then lying about it)!

Svenne, ha, you are angry - sorry to see this.

I have the Waves IR reverb, the Renaissance verb, and SIR2 which all work in WLE8, FWIW. But really, you are forced to mix the dry with the wet to accomplish the effect and this is never as good as combining a totally wet efx channel with the totally dry track, a parallel event, in other words. Which is to say these effects are typically better used in the DAW environment and then brought into WL via a finished mixdown for a final touch. So I don’t really see the benefit of having a verb in WL.

But you are right REVerence does not work in WLE8 and of course it never worked in WLE7 either.

I have bought so much Plugins in my whole life, so much money thrown out of the window (wizoo, powercore, mastering edition, a lot directX plugins, etc.), because the developers are gone or have been bought. I found, this isn’t funny …

I do understand Svenne. There a good Reverbs on his computer, but he can’t use it in Wlab. Why should he buy another one again?

In our bandroom we have a amp and a analog mixer from 1972! Both devices still run even in 2013 … and this is hardware, which may break! Software dosn’t beak normaly, it’s most incompatible and this happened too fast nowadays IMHO.

BTW, your best reverb is just good enough for polish your master. Ok, it’s a matter of taste …

Don’t you think I have reason to be?

I agree, that most can be replaced with thirdparty options. However, one can’t. UV22HR! This one is very important in mastering. Without it I must to all my mastering in Cubase and use WL only as a glorified CD burner.

Expecting me to pay €400 for it, when I already paid for it once (with Cubase) is kinda ridiculous, isn’t it? And lying in the manual about being able to use the copy I already paid for, doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, does it?

Seems like somebody should be able to figure out a way to use it, since the manuals say it should work. Wavelab 7 lists it in its plugin menus after it finds it in Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3, but nothing happens when you try to open or use the plugin, at least here.

The manual is not exactly right here: as stated before, a plugin that is part of Cubase is often using parts inside Cubase, hence can’t be used in another app.

I think you will find that the UV22HR is in WL8. And, in any event, you can easily get an industry best flat TPDF using MBit+.

Hope this helps.

Rat, I see that the MBIT+ program is included in WL8, according to an article I read from iZotope. I didn’t know this.

Is this also in WLE8?


Yes. but not in WLE8. That’s why I say that need to pay and extra €400 to use it, despite having payed for it once already.

It might be good solution, if I only could find someone who sells it.

This is no excuse for giving false information in the documentation. As a matter of fact, Steinberg should make an effort to get their documentation in order. The last three months I have found at least three serious “errors” in Steinbergs documentation.

  1. The WL8 & WLE8 gives false information regarding the use of Cubase VST plug-ins in WL8/WLE8. The false information isn’t given buried in the text, but is highlighted as a “Note”! The proofreader who missed something that obvious should be fired, for not doing his job.

  2. In the Cubase manual incorrect information is given about where freeze files are stored on the Mac. The amazing thing is that the correct information is given for Windows. Actually they are stored in the same location on the Mac and Windows! To my knowledge, they have always been. Cubase has never stored the freeze files in the location given for the Mac.

  3. In the documentation that accompanies Cubase there is an offer to purchase an item of choice for a discounted price. This also turned to be false.

I’m sure I can find more, if I tried. The first two may be blamed on sloppy proofreading. The third is the most serious though, as it may be regarded as false marketing, which is illegal. I have consulted a lawyer who specializes in consumer law, and who agrees with this assessment.

I wish that Steinberg would concentrate on honoring the information given regarding using Cubase VST plug-in in WL8/WLE8 (and dispense with the feeble excuses). There is no technical reason for Steinberg not to do this, since both WL and Cubase are Steinberg programs. This would be the correct cause of action. Both morally and business-wise.

So, today I have tested the trial version of version 8. Sorry, but this prog isn’t for me …
The windows handling is too much complicated (after 2 hours I give it up). Until V6 I had the feeling, I have a Volvo … at V7, a japanese car with thousand displays and functions, who I don’t need or must search.

Windows, registercards and workspaces do what they want, but not what I want and why is sorting of plugins per drag and drop gone? It was perfect for me to set my own folders. It’s a prog for technicans in laboratys, not for musicans like me.

I’ll give it another try in V9 maybe. Until then, I’ll do my mastering in Nuendo furthermore and use WLab 6 for finetuning, mp3 encoding, cd burn …

BTW: wizooverb2 run in version 8 / 64 bit (bridged)

Bassman, I know this is off-topic but I can’t bear to see you give up so easily.

I certainly agree, the new interface in V7 took some getting used to - I, like you, questioned the need. However I don’t notice it now, it works very well and very easily especially once you set up your own default layouts.

It hasn’t gone. In fact it’s much better with 3 sections now to put plugins into in the montage: clip, track and master. No need to remember to store master settings, they are now part of the montage. All plugins dragable.

Locating plugins is also easier. You have a “favourites” and a “recently used” which all help to speed up workflow.

There are countless other things. If you do a lot of audio work, stick with it. You will be glad you did. You’ll end up with a Mercedes.

Over the years with WLab, I have sort my PlugIns always in the same way. Have made my own groups in PlugIn menu and sort it like: “compressors analog”, “compressors – single”, “compressors multiband”, “panorama tools”, “stereo image tools”, “limiter”, “leveler” and so on … Now I have sort it by developer. I have a lot of (nice) freeware VST 2.0 PlugIns from 2003 and if I sort it by developer (or other automatically), my list is very “cryptic”. If I like test a another “analog” compressor in the chain, then I like to go in my group with all these type of compressors and don’t want search in developer lists. I was hope, that these sort function come in Cubendo sometime, now in Wlab 8 it’s gone instead, sad …

now in Wlab 8 it’s gone instead

On the opposite, it’s more powerful than ever, as you can even have custom sub-categories.
See the manual; an hint:

Actually, it was Bassman who wrote this. Credit to where credit’s due, don’t you say? :wink: