reverse "Extract MIDI automation" function

I’ve been searching a lot, but couldn’t find the answer!!

Is there a way to do the reversed way of “Extract MIDI automation”?
So you get the already existing MIDI (CC) automation data added to your MIDI part?
So it’s basically just the opposite way of when you use the function “Extrack MIDI automation”!

Thanks in Advance, Jesper

Set Left and Right Locators to the MIDI Part.
Solo the MIDI Track.
Make sure that Automation Read is enabled.
If you want the result to be on a new MIDI track, create one and make it the active track.
MIDI Menu>Merge MIDI in Loop. Choose the desired option from the pop-up window.
Done :slight_smile:

Thanks Vic.
Only problem is that it’s also doing it to the NoteExpression within the region!?
It’s also keeping the Automation lanes after the Merge. That’s not as big a problem though. But I guess you can’t have it all?

I hadn’t noticed… but, yes, you are right. I don’t see a way to prevent that either :frowning:
Bit of a pain, but I suppose you could always “let it happen”, then convert the relevevnt CC# data back into Note Expression (select the desired events in the Key Editor’s CC# lanes, then, MIDI Menu>Note Expression>“Convert to Note Expression”).

It’s also keeping the Automation lanes after the Merge.

In fact, that becomes just a visual indication… you can’t actually edit the CC automation from there any more.
Try this little test…
On a new MIDI track, write some CC#7 (volume) events in the Key Editor. Close the Key Editor, and, in the Project window, you’ll see the “automation curve” that you just wrote :wink:.

hm, it seems to me that it keeps the automation as shown in the picture. If I then start to edit that, I get another line depending on the settings in the CC Automation setup…

I guess I’ll have to do a workaround with a macro that deletes the notes and the CC created from NoteExpression. Then I can put the two parts together…
Skærmbillede 2014-10-28 kl. 16.46.23.png

“Merge MIDI” doesn’t delete anything.
I am guessing you have the Automation option, “Show Data on tracks”, and that you used the Merge MIDI option, “Delete Destination”, and you are merging back to the same track there (by the looks of your screenshot :wink: )?
Maybe, for what you need, you should Merge onto a new track (like I mentioned in my first reply). At least, give that a try, to get a clearer picture of what exactly it is doing :wink:.