Reverse function is still broken since CB 9.5?

I still don’t understand how after 1 year this is not something more people are complaining about?
You cant correctly reverse a sample.

Cubase 10 in black cubase 8.5 in white (functioning as it should)

This is just a one of many issues regarding how cubase works with regions since the offline processing update in 9.5.
How long will this take to be fixed, it is quite irritating to have to bounce everything before i have to apply an offline process…
Timestretching and pitching is still severely broken with regions being totally disregarded.
An offline process should only be applied to the region that is showing like it does exactly in this example in cubase 8.5…
It reverses what is there and selected, not the whole hidden sample.

I thought something was amiss when I started bouncing files before reversing. It didn’t click as a change or bug but something didn’t feel right. I simply started doing it the longer way. I have RETURN set as bounce, R set as reverse.

Seeing your video was revelations to the strangeness of needing to do it that way. It’s hard to find the right words to explain that. Kind of, I felt it but didn’t realise. CRAZY!

Managed to fix this bug.
I loaded cubase in safe mode and i didn’t have the issue.
So i decided to trash my preferences and start again manually adding everything in.

I hate the fact that these preferences seem to get buggy or bring issues along with them from time to time =|

I get the feeling that Steinberg is satisfied that deleting preferences fixes problems. That’s not a solution to a problem. That is a problem. The preferences shouldn’t get corrupted and it’s a major inconvenience when you have to trash them.

Yes! Hate this bug with all my heart every time I sit down editing radio ads.