Reverse Gate

Just need ideas on how to create the “reverse gate” effect whether a through a plugin or some other method.


Are you talking about “reversed gated reverb”, or a “ducking gate”

I am somewhat familiar with the reverse gate capability in Cubase 6.5 so probably “ducking gate” info would help.

A ducking gate would be a sidechained gate. Use the Cubase included gate in the Dynamics folder, turn on sidechain, then send from the track you want to trigger the gating from to the gate sidechain.

For instance if you want to duck reverb with a gate, put the gate as an insesrt right after the reverb insert on the FX channel, turn on side chain. Then on the source track you’d send to both the reverb FX and the gate sidechain.

I’ve never heard of “reverse gate”. What comes to mind is a gate that cuts volume as the signal goes over (instead of under) a certain threshold. I’m not aware of one, but sounds interesting, a little like a compressor that can have a negative slope. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the term.

Thanks for the info on ducking gate. I’ll check it out and go from there.


SSorry but the steps explained by fizbin dont make a ducking gate, but a simple sidechained gate.
For a ducking gate behaviour you need to use the Cubase delay, or -compressor, or a 3rd party gate with dedicated ducking function.

Thanks to the “cap” that never stops thinking. Appreciate the new info.