Reverse Key command search

You should also be able to search the keyboard commands by keyboard command (e.g. ⇧ a), not just by function (reverse search as in Cubase). Dorico should then show whether this command is already in use or not. The program should then give you the option of deleting any existing assignment immediately. Are there already plans to implement this?

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Dorico handles this in the following way: When you choose a key combo to assign, after a second the dialog warns you if it is already in use. Notice that it allows you to assign the same key combo to different commands anyway because there are different scopes, and one scope will take precedence over another.

When you want an overview of key combos already in use (including your current custom ones), you can get a full-featured interactive map which displays in your web browser.

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I feel like this is a bit clumsy, as @Inschrift said a better implementation IMO would be to offer reverse search inside Dorico as they do in Logic Pro, and also to tell the user which commands the shortcut is already assigned to, instead of the current prompt “this is already assigned to another key command”. This whole web interface feels unnecessary except when you need a full recap of all your key commands. Maybe as an export option?