Reverse knob/button value on a midi device panel


I’m making a midi device panel for my MF-108 and I’d like to know if there’s a way to set a button (or a knob) to send the minimum value when the button is on (or the knob is fully right) and the maximum value when the button is off (or the knob is fully left).

What I’m trying to achieve is to have the unit bypassed when the bypass button on the panel is on (right now it’s the opposite… I can rename the button from “bypass” to “on” on the device panel, but I’d like to keep the labelling consistent with the hardware I’m controlling).

I tried swapping the min/max value when defining the control, but it doesn’t work (it always sends the max value and it doesn’t let me change the control on screen).

Any suggestion (if this is possible, of course)? Thank You.