Reverse Locators - ruler colour change

Please bring back the colour change that used to be such an easy win, in quickly (as in instantly) spotting reversed locators. You immediately saw when you’d got these swapped.

Yes, there are options in the Ruler Colour preferences to color the ‘reverse cycle range’ (amongst others), as you desire - but an option needs adding here, for a simple ‘Reversed Locator range’ choice.

Thanks for listening,

PS:- Thinking of newer Cubase users, a confusion/frustration point is also created, thus:-

  • at export audio mixdown, they are presented with a pop-up telling them the Locators are empty…!
  • now, they start looking, and see these are perfectly wrapped around the area they want to mixdown; nothing ‘empty’ about them…

So, what is going on…? what can that pop-up message mean…? I’ve done this loads of times before…! What’s happening…?! Steinberg…!? What have you done this time…!?! Hunting, looking, scratching head, looking in Help-file maybe, post a note on the forum maybe… and on and on it goes…

And all that’s actually happened is that their Locators are reversed; the old visual clue/cue (from SX3 days, up to v6.0…?) would avoid all this.

OR… how about changing the wording of that pop-up; the Locators aren’t ‘empty’; they are Reversed…!

I don’t understand how this doesn’t accomplish what you want. The forward and reverse ranges seem as easy to tell the difference between as they always have.

Hi Rodger - Yes, but this is only when you have Cycle activated - I am talking non-cycle reversed Locators; like when you want to experiment skipping sections during playback…

With Cycle mode off; grab the Right Locator and drag it past (before) the Left Locator - see that the ruler colour of the range does not change from ‘normal’ Left-before-Right Locator setting.
Reversed Locators_colour_c65.jpg

Ah, I get what you are saying. And right you are.

(Vic puts on “Devil’s Advocate” hat :stuck_out_tongue: )…
Nothing has changed here really… to use that “skipping” function you just described, we’ve always needed to have Cycle activated anyways :wink:. When Cycle is not activated the (reversed) Locator Range is ignored anyways (and gets the regular “not activated” color). When you activate Cycle, you’ll see immediately if the range is reversed or not.

I think the issue is for when you have the markers reversed, perhaps accidentally, without the intention of skipping. Then if you attempt to export it won’t work right. The OP wants a more noticeable visual indicator for this situation beyond the flags pointing in the wrong direction.

Good point. I take my (Devil’s Advocate) hat off to you, sir :wink:.
O.K. then… how about, instead of yet another color (it is already getting hard to remember what all the extra colors for the Ruler mean :wink: ) the Reversed Locator area be patterned (e.g. hashed?)?

Thanks guys - you are right @vic france, and @raino too…!

It has been on occasion I have mistakenly set-up reversed Locators, or turned off cycle after my ‘skipping section experiments’, gone for a food/coffee break, come back and got on with several other jobs and forgotton I’d set the Locators back to front…

What’s the problem if its ALWAYS some different colour (see pic above) when these are reversed, cycle mode on or off…? You know, like its always been, and was never needing anything remotely like developer attention, to ‘improve’ or ‘correct’…?

Other indicators already exist (Toolbar/Transport panel) for Cycle mode status… :slight_smile:

(Of course, I’m the only one to comment on this change since introduction at v7.x.x - so, nothing will be done.! But hey, its all about letting off some steam now and again, really… its their program; they can and will do what they want with it…)


I fired up 7.5 to take a look at the old behavior. Back then the color was different between normal & reversed locators. But it also didn’t change colors if cycle-mode was on or off, so the only indicator of the cycle-mode state was the button on the Transport. Now you can tell if it is on or off by the ruler color, which I kinda prefer. Guess I run into more cases of the wrong cycle state than reversed locators.

Yes - agreed; keep all that, including new behaviour of a change in colour when cycle mode activated and Locators are ‘normal’ (or reversed)… not asking to change any of that…

Referring to my original request; bring back the change of colour, when the Locators are reversed (and Cycle mode is off).

BTW - appreciate your input.

Certainly a case where this would be required here too…

Cubase should prevent the locators to be placed in a reversed location

Regards. :sunglasses:

As noted in this thread reversed locators are used as an arranging tool. It would be a pity to limit that.

Only after I have been in the ground for 50 years! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why remove a useful feature?

Yup…I didn’t read the thread thoroughly and, subsequently, did not know that… :blush:

Regardless… I never use that feature… maybe a preference option?

Regards. :sunglasses:

It’s still there, same as always (only difference is, you don’t see the red color until you activate Cycle… and, remember, we’ve always had to activate Cycle for this to work :wink: )

Yes, about using Cycle ON for the skip sections ‘experiment mode’… but no, previously this did not need to be on to see the ruler colour change.

To clarify, my request in this thread is to have the colour change for reversed locators, even when Cycle mode is OFF. Like we always used to have:-
Reversed Locators_colour_c65.jpg
Reversed Locators_colour_c75.jpg
Thanks for all your input…!