Reverse notes?

Is there any functionality to reverse the notes in a selection? e.g. turn “C D E” into “E D C”?

My use case is a piece with a lot of “shimmering” texture where for instance the first violins are going “e g e g e g” and the second violins are “g e g e g e”.

Not always quite that simple, either. E.g. in one section the 2 harps are playing a 6 note ostinato, the first harp ascending and the 2nd hard descending.

No, Dorico doesn’t presently have any functionality like that. Inversion and retrograde are on the radar, IIRC.

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In the cases you mentioned, you might find that copying the passage and then using ALT /OPT+LEFTARROW would allow you to offset the repeating patterns as you desire.

It may not be perfect, but until (as DAN says) retrograde and inversion are implemented, this work-around may save some time in your case.

This isn’t really reversing the notes in the selection, of course. It’s more what we would call “rotation”.

We are certainly planning to add some of these kinds of features for manipulating selections with operations like retrograde, rotation, inversion, etc. in future versions of the software.

Ugh, sorry, typoed the original post…I really just mean simple reverse… CDE -> EDC

Retrogrades and inversions are not currently possible but have been requested.