Reverse MIDI events

Cubase Artist 6:

Think of the awesome claps in Le Freak, with their reverse reverb effect adding to the drama.

I know I could achieve the same think with an audio clip but how about using an Insert/Effect on a MIDI track instead?

Is this possible with the built-in Inserts? If not, is there a 3rd-party insert that will do the same?

Err, not sure what you’re trying to do. There’s no such thing as MIDI reverb, that would be really weird :wink:

I’m trying to recreate the reverse reverb effect they created on the claps in ‘Le Freak’ by Chic…but with a MIDI instrument track.

I see. In this case I would take your clap on an audio track, apply reverb to it, record just the reverb, reverse it, stitch it to the clap sample and assign the resulting sample to a pad in groove agent one, which you can trigger from an instrument track.
You can’t compute a reverb tail ahead of the sample in real time, that would involve looking in the future which is something even computers can’t do in real time :wink:. I don’t see how you could achieve that with a reverb plugin on an insert.

Oh well. 'twas just an idea.

Thanks for the responses.

As you noted, the main difficulty is that the reverse reverb needs to begin before the MIDI event (the clap).
Short of sending your computer thru a wormhole, you could duplicate the MIDI clap track (and it’s instrument too!) and move all its events a wee bit to the left. Then put a reverb on the dupe track/instrument, which has a “reverse” algorithm (ValhallaDSP can do this I think) and set it to 100% wet. You will need to tweak the position of your duplicate events so that the reverb ends just before the MIDI clap starts.

Doing it with audio instead will, however, give you better control and is easier…
Personally, I would bounce a bit of reverb to audio then reverse it and place copies of it just before the MIDI clap events.

Wait, tell me more about this wormhole idea…