Reverse tape effect

I want to record a track that uses what is called*baskmasking."

They do this in songs such as the Beatles Revolution #9, Radiohead “Exit Music (For a Film)”, Missy Elliot “Work It.”

How can this be done on Cubase 11? Can it be done on Cubase?

Just reverse the audio.

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‘Loop Mash Fx’ might do as you wish , it’s a Cubase Audio insert/instrument
Performance Controls (

Reversed R for reverse and can play this live via a keyboard and render

Not familiar with those tracks, but I was looking for a reverse reverb plugin for a song I did a few months ago, and found a free plugin called Instaback that worked for my purposes. There isn’t much to it, but if you make the settings subtle and throw in a regular reverb or two it can work well–I got the sound I wanted without it being obvious the audio was simply being played in reverse. There might be something else that would do the job in the same pack, but that’s the one I used.

The website is below. Development is discontinued but you can download for free. The problem you might run into is all the plugins here are 32-bit, so you might have to use an older version of Cubase to use them. I was using Reaper for my project so no big deal.

Descriptions of some (all?) of the plugins:

And that particular one and its related plugins:

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As Steve said, just reverse the .wav and experiment with whatever effect processing.

Also when backmasking is mentioned, another great example is this, skip to :27:

Take this at :27 and reverse it to be cool…cool like 40 years ago.
And at 2:43 a fabulous guitar recording.

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I read the link you sent, but all it says is:

“Allows you to reverse the audio selection so that it sounds as if you play back a tape backwards. There are no parameters for this function.”
It does not tell me how to do this lol

So how can i simply reverse the wav. file?

Btw i know its old school, but im gonna do this a bit differently, where it sounds more like the track makes perfect sense, plays in the right direction. You dig?

The idea is I provided a link to a search using the verb in your question.

The first result in the list takes you to the manual, from there you should navigate using the links in the manual.,All will be revealed.

I am sort of hoping to help you in the sense of teaching a person how to fish, rather than frying you a fish.

Am I missing something here?



I only have Cubase 11 ELEMENTS, so no, i dont thunk this is an option…

Ha! I am so pitiful with technology - it’s amazing i can record music in the first place…

But i am skilled at frying up some fish :blush:

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But did you take 10 seconds to look at the menu provided by @MrSoundman?


it’s included in Elements

/curmudgeon mode

According to the manual, it is.