Reverse with Extend Process Range confusing

I the DOP use Extend Process Range to have some handles if needed later.
Problem with Reverse is that once you do it the portion your event was showing is reversed but also moved. So that once you did reverse you need to slip through the event to find the portion you had selected. I understand how it’s done (?), say your file is :
“1;2;3;4;5” and your event only displays :
"1;[2];3;4;5"once inverted file is :
“5;4;3;2;1” with the event displaying :
Why doesn’t Reverse function works in conjunction with the portion of the file shown in the event
not to mention sometime I remove some DOP and suddenly an event that was 3sec long displays the entire file :stuck_out_tongue: well that’s another thing I guess… hope DOP gets some update.