"Reversed" swing playback

Feature request: “Swing playback” works fine. How about a “reversed swing playback”? I.e. shortened-eight-followed-by-a-lenghtened-one? Very useful for Scandinavian folk music.
(This was - and probably still is - easily done in Finale, simply set the “swing value” to a negative number).
Working with Dorico for 7-8 months now. It is brilliant!

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Great request! Sort of as a corollary to that, I’d like to see negative values accepted in Playback Options / Dynamics / Note Dynamics too, so the offbeats can then be accented more than the beats.

Lots of modern jazz drummers will throw in some “reversed swing” at times as well. Here’s a short example where Jeff “Tain” Watts reverses it around the 10th bar, keeps it going through the next chorus (it’s a blues) and everyone lands on 1 of the following chorus.

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