Reversing an Audio Sample

Hi Everyone,

I imported an audio sample into my Cubase project but I would like to reverse it. How do I do it?



Select the Audio event in the project: Audio > Process > Reverse.

Thank you martin.


I tried this also but sample doesn’t reverse?? I also cant import a wav file into my sampler controler??

What happened then?

Yes, you can also reverse in the Sample Track. Can you?

No I couldn’t. But I fixed it. Deleted all cubase preferences in app data and reinstalled cubase.
I can reverse the sample now, but still can’t drag any audio file into the sampler controller.

cubase stops working…

by the way, if you reverse a sample and it reverses all similar audio clips aswell, just go to;
file->preferences->audio->“on processing shared clips” dropdown=create new version


You mean Preferences > Editing > Audio, right? I would recommend to select Open Option Dialog here, to be able to control it everytime.

I got a question, i mixed up something on my cubase and i hope someone might be able to help.

So you know when reversing a sample you just get a notification window asking if you would like to reverse all sample that are the same or not, and a box not to ask you again… well i checked on that box and now when ever i reverse a sample it reverses all sample that are the same!!
Do you have any idea on how to get that pop up window back???

Thanks in advance!

You read the posts above and follow the advice given :unamused: