Reversing Midi - broken

Does anyone know if the Midi/functions/reverse feature has been fixed in C6 please? Previous versions reversed the note order ok, but the rhythmic positions were out, especially if rests were involved. Also, does anybody know of a way of reversing midi parts using the logical editor? Many Thanks.

I did not realize it was broken. Can you post a file to demonstrate? I just created a part with rests and a variety of rhythmic values and it reversed accurately.

Thanks for the reply. File attached (from C5).
reverse.cpr (509 KB)

Yes, this is broken in C5, and now I recall discovering this problem in VST 3 and 5.

It was one of the things I gave up on, if I ever want retrograde I do it by hand, and I remember just accepting it at the time, and I wasn’t sure I even understood what was happening correctly.

In the trial I just did I discovered the following: Cubase apparently puts all the notes that started on downbeats on downbeats, and those that were on upbeats on upbeats.

So, regardless of the mix of rhythms and rests, if all the notes start on the beat they reversed correctly, and if they all start on upbeats things also work correctly. If any syncopations are present the reverse function becomes broken.

Sorry, i do not have C6 yet so I can’t say if it’s fixed, but I doubt it strongly, I have never seen a forum post about it and it might not be on the development radar. I would love to have that fixed though, I would use it.

Word from the Steinberg staff on whether this is likely (or was fixed) would be most appreciated.


Thanks for your reply Steve. I can confirm your results. It’s strange that such a basic function has remained broken for so long. Hopefully, someone from Steinberg can advise…please…

I posted a bug report in the requested format: Does midi reverse function now work in Cubase 6?

Thanks Steve. Let’s hope it gets some attention from SB.