reversing mute state of MIDI notes

Hey hey everyone

What is the best way to reverse mute/unmuted state of MIDI note?
I can’t seem to find the right ‘action’ in the MIDI logical editor.


I do it using a Macro not the Logical Editor and assigned it to a Key Command.

Invert Mute
   EDIT - Select All
   EDIT - Mute/Unmute Objects

That’s great. I might have to tweak that to include logical editor to select only muted notes instead of all notes first. Thank you that solves it!

Yes, if you only want to unmute the the currently muted notes, then replace the first step in the macro with a LE preset to select the muted notes. But in your OP it sounded like like you wanted to take the currently muted notes & unmute them AND take the currently unmuted notes & mute them - i.e. reversing their current state. If that’s what you want then then macro shown above will work.

Sure, that is a valid interpretation of what I meant, in any case good to know of the “edit - mute/unmute objects” command which went over my head.

Every few years when I’m feeling too lazy to do real work I’ll take a look at what Key Commands are available - just scan the list. I always find some commands that I’d previously ignored which now seem super useful.

When I enter notes in to key editor (on cubase 11) only the first two notes are red and can be heard on playback. All other notes I enter are white and cannot be heard on playback. I tried selecting all and muting/unmuting but all notes except first 2 continue to be entered white (muted on playback). Any suggestions?

Check if the note events are positioned within the part boundaries. The part boundaries act as “play from here to there”, any events bound to the part but outside its boundaries are displayed white and will not be played back.

they made Cubase 11 and still they didn’t correct that MUTE/UNMUTE issue on midi editor??
its sad we still need to do that trick to do the job.
And we have to buy Artist or Pro version, because on Elements there is no Macro. So if we need to do a simple task as mute and unmute on midi we’re screwed. what a shame