Revert back an Anacrusis / pickup bar

Hi, I’ve added a pickup bar and kepts working on the sheet, meaning that I can’t revert it using ctrl+z. How can I revert it to the exact bar settings I had before? I tried to exclude the time signature but it dones’t return to the way I had, messing completely with the notes distribution in the bars. thanks

Try Insert mode (press the I key) before changing the meter. I vaguely remember a thread on this from ages ago.

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hmmm, it didn’t do it.

Instead of a pickup bar, do you want 3 beats’ rest where the key change is? Select anything on that pickup beat, Shift-B and enter +3q. Then replace 4/4 with the new meter, or if it’s continuing 4/4, just delete the 4/4!

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Can you show us what you had (either with a screenshot of the measures from a backup file or typing in the original version of enough of what you show us above) so that we understand what you are after?

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@Mark_Johnson that worked. thanks a lot, the only issue is that it didn’t push all the voices. But I fixed it manually anyways.