Revert back to 8.0.20 - Possible?

I can’t seem to find old versions on this site. Is it possible to roll-back to 8.0.20

I’m having a few problems in .30

  1. There are occasional audio drop-outs while editing a few simple tracks. This wasn’t happening in .20
  2. I have a project with automation that all parts are silent on loading. If I touch a fader the sound comes out until released. A very strange bug that wasn’t happening before.

As I recently learnt on this forum, you can roll back to a previous version by going to Windows Installer (Programs & Features) and clicking the option at the left to “View installed updates” and uninstall the update. (This is assuming you had v8.0.2 installed on your computer to begin with.

Fantastic. Thanks!

Update uninstalled and my problems have disappeared.