Revert Piano MIDI File Back To As If Freshly Entered

Is there a way to revert a piano part MIDI file back to as if it were just freshly entered by removing any/all settings applied to that MIDI file?

I’ve imported a Piano MIDI file which has pedalling from which it plays legato in the original. However, when I copy and paste into a new document, it totally loses the legato and plays significantly detached. I’ve tried adding slurs but even this doesn’t work fully and I just cannot get that original legato effect.

If I input the notes manually with Dorico’s default new document settings it works beautifully, even without pedal markings, but this would take me ages to do for the full score.

So, as in my original query, hopefully there is some way to ‘clean out’ that MIDI file so it is just as if freshly entered.


Sure, it should be sufficient to select all of the music and choose Play > Reset Playback Overrides, which will remove all of the onset/offset properties from the notes and make them play back the way Dorico would play them by default.

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By the way, Michael, if you have a midi keyboard attached with a sustain pedal, you can select the piano and do a live recording, but don’t touch the keyboard; only touch the pedal and it will record you pedaling it as if you were actually playing, without over writing any notes.

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Thanks for replying Daniel and Romanos, it’s much appreciated.

Daniel that ‘Reset’ is the magic button, it really did the job. Wish I’d asked about that months ago.

Best wishes.