Revert to Dorico's original vertical spacing?

I’m not sure how to frame (no pun intented) this particular question . . .

If I understand this correctly, Dorico automatically creates what it considers to be the optimum vertical spacing between systems and/or the staves of multi-staff instruments (e.g., keyboards). (With some user options available upon Setup.)

If the user adds system text, for example, Dorico may augment the relevant vertical space accordingly – or the user might choose to manually augment it, in Engrave Mode.

There are times, tho’, when one later wishes to change or delete that system text, but – as far as I can see – Dorico does not then automatically revert to its original vertical spacing decisions, and one is left having to visually approximate that original spacing.

Is there a way of “asking” Dorico to revert to that original spacing, and thus ensure a proper layout, without having to visually guestimate it oneself?

Thanks, in advance . . .

To remove manual changes you have made to the vertical position of individual staves, see here.

If you want to increase globally the extra spacing Dorico allows between staves when there are items between them, see here.

To stop Dorico adding extra space for individual text items, see here.

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Wow, that’s great – thanks, Lillie!

You’re welcome - if you searched online for this before posting, do let me know what search terms you used. If they don’t already bring up the relevant page(s), and I haven’t already added similar keywords to the topics in-house, I’ll make a note to do so.

Hi, Lillie;

To be honest, I really didn’t know how to articulate my question succinctly, and so didn’t try a search prior to posting to the forum, this time.

Have now had a little time to study and apply the links you kindly gave, and I’m very impressed – what a program!

Thanks again for your help!