Revert to Halion Sonic SE3 from Halion 7?

Does anyone know if it is possible to revert Cubase back to using Halion Sonic SE3? I’m still unable to access any Halion content through the track inspector since Halion 7 was installed, so I’m wondering if there is anyway of getting Cubase to target SE3 instead? Many thanks…

Do you mean full HALion 7, or HALion Sonic 7?

It’s possible to re-establish Sonic 3 SE as the default plugin for the sake of the media bay, and still keep access to the full HALion 7 plugin.

Please be aware that some of the newer sounds might not work in HSSE 3! There will portions of the Sonic collection series that aren’t going to work in the old version 3 players. FM synths as one example…anything that uses the newest features/abilities. At some point you’ll probably be forced to move on to Sonic 7 (or later). Hopefully all these bugs and issues will get fixed by then!

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to work with ‘both’ Sonic 7, and Sonic 3SE at the same time in the VST3 format. You’ll need to ‘choose’ and ‘move or remove’ the other from the VST3 directory.

Note, if you stick with Sonic 7, it is still possible to use VST2 versions of Sonic 3 SE (Not recommended unless you have some other VST2 only hosts) when manually loaded…but this doesn’t help with your media bay preview situation (I get that issue as well. Any of the presets tagged as Sonic SE no longer ‘preview’ from media bay).

Mac or PC?

I don’t know about Mac (it will be similar paths…wherever Mac keeps the VST3 directory/folder), but for PC.

If you really want/need to roll back there is a way.

Check to see if SE3 is still installed on your system somewhere in:
“%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Steinberg\HALion Sonic SE”

If you’ve ‘updated’ to Sonic 7 at some point, HSSE3 should still be lurking on your system unless you personally and intentionally UNINSTALLED it yourself.

If a HALion Sonic SE directory is still there, and you’ve not manually ‘uninstalled’ Sonic SE (running the Windows installer panel to remove it), then all you need to do is ‘move’ the “HALion Sonic” directory/plugins to a different directory that doesn’t get scanned.

I.E. move it to a place like:
“%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\Common Files\VST3.disabled\HALion Sonic”

At that point you should find that HSSE3 is back in action. Sonic 7 has been ‘set aside’. If you ever need Sonic 7 back, simply restore it in the system VST3 directory.

If you don’t find HSSE3 on your system anymore…go grab the last version of HSSE (it’s also the only version that supports the new dongle-free licensing system) from here:
Dorico 4 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

I know that’s a Dorico link, but if you scroll on down, you can find a link to the last version of HSSE at 3.5.10 (same HSSE that also shipped with Cubase and Nuendo 12 at some point).

Last time I checked, all pointers to HSSE have disappeared from the Steinberg Download Assistant, but you can still find direct links to download it. My link above just happens to be the first link I could find that allows you to get that specific version of HALion Sonic SE in a simple and isolated way.

Install HSSE 3.5.10. You’ll still need to either ‘move’ Sonic 7 as described above, or optionally, you could totally uninstall it using your Windows app manager.

Either way, if you have full HALion 7…it won’t be affected. You can still access and use it as usual.