"Revert to Last Setting" not working?


In the “VST Instruments” chapter, under the “Loading VST Presets” section, on p.599, the “Revert to Last Setting” function detailed doesn’t seem to be working as expected:

In the preset browser, select a preset from the list and double-click it to load it. The preset is applied. To return to the previously loaded preset, open the preset browser again and click > Revert to Last Setting

If I do this, the previous preset isn’t loaded. I observe no change.
Here is the walkthrough to reproduce the bug:

  1. Press F11 to toggle the VST Instruments window
  2. Add a VSTI rack, right-clicking and selecting “Add rack instrument”, e.g. Halion Sonic SE
  3. On the VSTI rack, click the cube icon labelled “Preset Browser”
  4. Select a new preset from the list double-clicking one of them
  5. Click the cube icon again and click “Revert to Last Setting”

This produces no change. The only way to use this feature is staying in the preset selection window, and when browsing and selecting the presets one after the other, then you can revert using this button. But as soon as you are done and close the preset selection window, the button has no more use, which is fine, because this button is placed in an area called “Previewer”, after all. I think this feature could be enhanced keeping in mind the preset change history, in order to be able to revert at any time. Otherwise, the explanation could be rephrased in the manual.

I’m using Cubase 8 Pro with Windows 7.

Oh… wait a sec, that’s not a bug, that’s a feature request… (a sensible one too)