Revert to Saved

I don’t think this has been asked for before**, but could we have a “Revert to Saved” item in the File menu? I know it’s just a shortcut for Closing without saving and re-opening, but sometimes, you just want to go back quickly to before you messed it up.

Cubase has one.

** I did a couple of Googles over the forum – particularly to check whether I had asked this before! :confused:

I’ll make a note of it, but it’ll be a bit ugly because the program doesn’t remember the state the project was in when it was last saved, so it really would have to close it and reopen it, with all of the attendant window closing, reopening, etc.

I used Sibelius’s versions feature a lot… I don’t think Dorico has anything like that (yet), does it?

No. There is a Mac app called ForeverSave2, which manages auto-save and versions for any application(s) you set up. I used to use it with Finale (out of necessity…!)

I dare say there’s a similar Windows app.

@Daniel: I’d say it’s ugly like that in Cubase too, but still useful sometimes. (Just checking, as benwiggy did, to see if there were any previous posts about Revert :slight_smile: )