Reverted to Cubase 12 to route Outputs for HALion 7

Title says it all. . .

And yet most often when folks claim this, it really doesn’t…



HALion 7 in Cubase 13. Make a track e.g. analogue synth, route the bus to an Output. Now try routing that Output to FX or Gp track. I can’t.

It’s intuitively easy in Cubase 12.

In Cubase 13 also, unless I haven’t got what do you mean by “Output” (hardware one ?)…

EDIT : alternately, you can use this solution instead, which consists of using a send from the first Group track (Test_Routing, here) :

  • Set its output routing to No bus.
  • Create a send to a Second group track (Guitars, here, but it can also be an FX one) and adjust its level : the overall output level will then be directly dependent of the send one, even if there is no signal coming from the routing output of the first group track.

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I mean something much simpler. See pic.
The Cubase 13 problem is getting Out 2 to route to Group 01.

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Maybe you should have started your thread with this post, but well…

This said, I don’t have any problem routing an added HS Out 2 stereo output to any desired group/FX track :

…but maybe I still don’t get what you are looking for.

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hi, Thanks for that. My worst fears realised: programme fault. My Cubase Outs for both HALion 7 and Groove Agent 5 will NOT route to a Group/FX track. Had something similar before when a Download/Library/Cubase update meant Cubase no longer recognised swathes of libraries. A Steinberg Forums member provided a fix, which I duly passed on to someone else who had a similar problem. I’ve notified Support and await its response.

By the by, if anyone wants an in-depth explanation of HALion 7, Groove Agent etc. watch this guy’s stuff:

I still haven’t watched Anthony’s tutorial on Halion 7 (it is in my list, though), but I can say the best tutorial on Halion 6 I was able to find in the whole Internet was the one of him.


The new Inspector Output Routing is defective. The desired routing of Outs
to FX/Gp tracks will be correctly assigned and indicated via the Mix Console (see pic).

I’m just puzzled why nobody else seems to have experienced this problem!

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