Review in Sound on Sound of Wavelab 8 in August edition

I really enjoyed reading the in depth review of Wavelab 8 in Sound on Sound magazine August 2013 edition. Very detailed about the nice improvements, work flow and improved look of the program. Check it out when you get a chance. :smiley:

August, actually!

Yeah, good article. Sums it up well.

Thanks for the month correction. I changed my thread to correct it,

After spending some time with Wavelab 8 since i left Samplitude, I found certain functions on it quite handy. Switching the left and right channels to right and left wave forms, monitoring only the left or right channel in both monitors, slow down the speed of a mix if you want to focus on a part that goes by quickly at normal speed. The new layout of plug ins is wonderful. The meters in Wavelab 8 are the best I have seen on any program. I like the screen is on one monitor. I use my second monitor to open and adjust my mastering plug ins. Several new plug ins are really nice as well The check your music for CD before you burn it is a great feature as well. Many felt the Apogee dither plug in was not that great compared to other plug ins. I am glad they have added the new Isotope dithering which I heard good things about