Revisions, differences, snippets

In Sibelius, there is a tab called “Review”. It allows composers to save revisions of their pieces and compare them. Is there any equivalent in Dorico?

Yes, I realize I can use “Save As” to save revisions. That has some drawbacks: a file save, plus having to manage revisions using a file name convention. But can one compare files?

There’s also an “Ideas” panel in Sibelius where one can store, well, ideas. Again, what is the Dorico equivalent? Perhaps people create new flows for this?

Thanks for any tips.

Yep, you can always have more Flows – in separate Layouts, if you prefer.

I just tried this. It works, but it’s a bit of a pain to set up an clutters things up a bit. I haven’t played with macros (or script writing), but perhaps they could be used to at least simplify the creation of these “idea” flows.

I suppose I could also use these to keep old revisions. This is actually easier since I can just duplicate a flow. But I still have to remove it from the layout, so there’s that.

I suspect comparing two revisions of a composition is something for the far future.