Revisiting Preces: separate flows, separate tempo markings?

I just revisited some preces & responses I had entered in Dorico 1, even before Daniel had written his blog article describing how to put them into a layout.

I updated them to Dorico 4.1.10, of course, and faced a surprise when I played them back, which I doubt I ever did when I first entered the notation. They were much too slow, and changing the initial tempo mark seemed to do nothing to speed them up.

Am I correct that I need to add a (hidden) tempo mark to each flow, in other words each chanting tone and each response? Is there a way to assign the same tempo to all flows at once?

Yes, you’ll need to assign a tempo to each Flow. Like all signposts, you can select one and alt-click to copy it to a new location.

I’m fairly sure that setting playback to use a fixed tempo, and then setting that to whatever you want, should work across flows.

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Thank you , Lillie and Ben. I think that, in spite of the extra work involve, copying (or ALT+Clicking) the tempo gives me more flexibility if I need to change the tempo for a specific response. At the same time, I had not thought of the Fixed Tempo solution, and it is nice to have that in my arsenal.

Yes, I’d forgotten about that, too!

Hey, if it works for you, it works for you :slight_smile: there’s never any obligation to take on board anything I say to the letter! It’s all just info.

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