Revisitng the VCA/Nuage Question

Back in February, before N7’s release, I asked if Nuage had any specific controls presently onboard to handle VCAs. The answer was “No.” But now that 7 is out and there is already talk of 7.5 coming, I was wondering if there was any development in that area. Will Nuage hardware offer VCA spill, or any other VCA control, like the Avid S6? Is there ANY development regarding this control on the Nuage console? :question:


We already have VCA support on Nuage, but Spill like it is to be found on the S6 isn’t there. (Yet)

Must say that there are very exiting things coming up for Nuage, functionality alraedy is fantastic, and it’s getting better with each update.


And BTW … it’s holiday for most of the people …
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