Revoice or Vocalign with Nuendo

I’m thinking about Revoice for ADR job.
It is very well implemented in Protools but,
any experience with Nuendo?

I’ve been seeing videos at website but no ADR function showed with Nuendo or Cubase.

There’s been quite some talk about this here.
My understanding is that you can only use them as a VST plugin at the moment and need to transfer audio like in Melodyne. (read that as really annoying workflow) For iZotope RX there is a faster way in and out, but that does not apply to the SynchroArts stuff AFAIK.

Between the lines moderators have used words that might lead to the conclusion that Steinberg is planning a technology that will integrate this into their DAWs soon. Let’s see what Cubase brings at Xmas, maybe it will be something to look forward to in the next version of Nuendo.

You can of course still use “normal” time stretch.

Wow, I hope you’ll be right. That would be very nice!!


I drag and drop files between Revoice and Nuendo, which works quite well.


Thanks Mike. I didn’t see drag and drop was available at Nuendo like Protools do.

yes and if you want to revoice an edited clip,
I make a copy and mute the edited clip onto a spare track, so I can go back if needed.
then make the edited file one by, I think its called replace audio or some thing like that, and drag that into revoice.