RevoicePro tuning is very good

I was very skeptical about a new pitch correction engine, even in Revoice Pro which I’ve been very happy using for a while for timing corrections. I’ve gotten very comfortable with Cubase’s VariAudio 2.0 after years, and haven’t found anything significantly better if at all in other tuning engines I’ve tried.

I have to say however that after about 3 hrs last night of tuning some of the most out of tune vocals I’ve ever worked with (100-150 cents flat at times!), 50% with VariAudio/50% RevoicePro with 3.2 … I was completely blown away by how much better RevoicePro’s correction was. It wasn’t even in the same universe in terms of absence of artifact, whereas VariAudio had all the usual ones one might expect with such drastic correction.

Of course it’s hard to compare apples to apples … I was much less familiar with RVP’s GUI (having barely used it before), and so spent a lot more time with it than I did with the much more familiar VariAudio. That alone could have tipped the advantage to RevoicePro. The difference was so … stunning, however that my gut tells me the amount of time spent on each was nowhere close to being the explanation.

Based on this I have decided to focus on learning RVP better, well if time permits. The key commands are different than Cubase of course, and the GUI is more immature and frustrating as one would expect with a newer product, but if the search engine is really as good as my n=1 experience suggests, I think we may have a winnah!

How does it integrate with Cubase? I assume you can’t just double click an audio clip like you can with variaudio.

CTRL-C, CTRL-V, not onerous. Works for free-form playing/tempos as well, as of most recent update. I haven’t yet done the RVP to Cubase transfer yet, so can’t comment on that.

Addendum: the transfer from RVP to Cubase worked well on earlier versions (drag and drop), what I meant to say is I haven’t tested it in the current version. Nothing to suggest any problems though.

Update from OP: After a weekend of tuning with Revoice Pro (RVP) I’m completely amazed at how good the results are. Version 3.3 is much more mature and bug-free, and its tools such as the “Smooth” tool to soften the transition between notes with large running changes are great. Overall, I’d have to say it’s the most transparent tuning algorithm I’ve used (well I’ve only used three - RVP, extensive experience with VariAudio, and some experience with an older version of Melodyne).

(Of course the time alignment function of RVP is its reason for existence … like alien technology!!).

Should say here - just a very satisfied customer, no other affiliation!