RevX and C7, anyone have it working?

Since installing C7, my MR816CSX RevX and Channel strips appear non-functional. No matter what i do, they state “not available.” Yes, I have set the panel to both ADAT - where it won’t work for inputs; and to external - where it won’t work as plug-ins either. I also noticed that the RevX GUI is broken. It normally appears to be 4(w)x2(t) and shows the control panel. The only way to open it is by hitting the “e” button on the hardware panel and now appears 2(w)x4(t), cuts off the right side of the panel and the bottom half is just white. Can only see the left most portion of the sliders on the right.
I have tried reloading the 1.7.2 software and it has not changed anything.
Does anyone have the MR816 effects working properly under C7???

MR816CSX work well here when using for input and monitoring.
didnt try as Vst for mixing though.

“win7 64 C7 64”

I figured it out… It appears to be an Automap issue. I have to unwrap the plugings that are listed in the Program Files/Common Files/VST3/Yamaha/ directory for the RevX and Channel Strips. They then work properly in C7.

You are correct… The MR Channel and Rev plugins won’t work if you let Automap wrap them. This has been the case right from the get go.

You’ll need to deselect them in Automap each time Automap updates…


Mine never worked properly in the C6 or C6.5, but suddenly it worked in C7, I compared the settings and the difference was that direct monitoring in the asio setup was enabled on C7, SO for me the direct monitoring enabled fixed it (probably written in the manual haha! this is a serious user error)

OK. What is Automap and where do you find it?

I think Automap is a wrapper program for novation controllers to control vstplugs, if I recall it right.