revx and sweet spot morphing expired?

I have had Cubase 7 Artist and a UR28M interface for about 2 months now. Last week Cubase started giving me errors that REVx and Sweet Spot would be expiring. And then they did…

I still see REVx in the UR28M control panel and it works but I have lost it in the couple of projects I started within Cubase. I thought these 2 VST’s came with Cubase? Am I missing something?

They do not come with Cubase.

They came with the UR28M and have their own license activated from a code on a card in the box.

Check if you have licenses showing in your elicenser control centre software…I suppose it’s possible they would work in demo mode before you activate them though I don’t know that to be the case.

Thanks, Grim.

Yes. It behaved as if the demo mode was expiring.

You are also correct, while they do not show up on my elicenser, that I do have the sheet with the activation code for both.

Cool…so entering your activation code fixed the problem??

Having the same issue…can anyone help?