RevX & SP Morphing Strip Native VST as Compensation......

For the debacle that was the Direct Monitoring issue with the MRX series.

I dont think this is unreasonable to request,as a sign of good faith, Steinberg already has the products above given FREE to UR users…GIving registered MRX users these Native VST plugs would go a long way in softening the blow, that my 3 units is nigh on unuseable in a Band recording situation, without an RME card to aid in DM.
:bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

I really find it this hard to cope with easily, after my Houston & Midex lay gathering dust…got rid of it , before they updated the driver for hte Midex…I feel having another “white Elephant” from Steinberg a tad hard to take,esp since I forket out almost 3 grand!.