Rewinding while playback

Hello all,

Not sure if this has already been discussed. Thanks in advance for all help. If “Stop playback while winding” is de-ticked (in the Preferences window), will it cause harm to your hard drive to rewind while playing back to review material sometimes? Thanks again all.

Yeah, your hard drive will explode, do not do it… ever.

You can do it with SSDs though… :mrgreen:

haha, kinda cute almost? :laughing:
But, no, that’s not how it works. The reading of the HD and the playback/rewind/fast forward are completely independent processes. Rewind all you want! :sunglasses:

Thanks HowlingUlf! :smiley: i must admit though…Split and thinkingcap had me going for a minute! :open_mouth: Thanks again for your replies. You guys are great!!!

…only rewind during Verses as there is less going on there, If you rewind at the Chorus sections you run the risk of flanging your audio buffer, only if you have at least a 16mb cache on your drive will it be able to cope with the aforesaid flange!


Ok Discoworx…what’s going on now? You threw me another curve. i had a bit of courage :frowning: , but now i’m confused :confused: . If i rewind while playback is happening, will it damage the hard drive? :question: i had not tried this since the last post and was about to today. It’s just quicker to review the spots in the song quickly without stopping and starting again. And, it is usually in the chorus where i need to do this (mainly checking vocal harmonies) :cry: Helllllp!!! :blush:

Rewind as much as you want, whenever you want, no problem with damaging the harddrive…

Thanks again thinkingcap!!! Phew!!! :smiley: i kind of suspected the continued humor when Discoworx was laughing at me :laughing: ! This truly is a great forum with a lot of knowledeable Cubase users with great senses of humor! :smiley: And i must mention, a great product. Gotta love it!!! :sunglasses: Great day to all!

My apologies for the slight sarcasm, :blush: Good to see you cracking on with things… :laughing: Rock on ! read up on Marker tracks, as you can then use a numeric keypad to quickly jump to your Verses/Choruses at exact points in the Track. A very efficient way to naviagate.