Rewire 2.0?

Do you think this will happen?

Steinberg fully support’s WIN and MAC to 64 bit’s so you would think that since this is their protocol it should be upgraded as well.

It would be very welcome as well to get Stereo Reason track’s again too when/if they do this.

We are actually in Rewire 2.
Rewire 1 only supported audio transfer from slave to master (synth app to mixer app).
Rewire 2 added MIDI transfer from Mixer app to Slave app, among other things.
But i understand, what you mean, I´d like to see a new Rewire version too,

  • with 64 bit support
  • audio transfer from mixer app to synth app (to be able to use for example Reason effects in Cubase)
  • MIDI transfer from synth app to mixer app (to be able to program patterns in Reason´s Matrix and play back with VST in Cubase, although I don´t consider this myself really necessary, as we have the Stepdesigner…)

The protocol is more Propellerhead´s, so we have to urge them too…:wink:.

All the best.