Rewire and CC data

I’m trying to control the filter cutoff of a Reason Combinator via Rewire. When I bypass Cubase and record directly into Reason the filter seems to work fine. I move the first rotary knob on my controller and get the expected results: I see the first rotary knob on the Combinator move and I hear the filter changing.

When I Rewire Reason to Cubase the CC data does not get passed through to Reason correctly. It doesn’t make any sense to me because it’s obviously the same data. The more basic Rewire functions are all working fine like notes, pitch and mod wheel.

I’m using Cubase 8.04 with Reason 8.3.2 - I have an old Oxygen 8 controller which works fine.

If anyone can shed any light on this it would be greatly appreciated.


Do you record the MIDI data to Cubase or Reason? Are the MIDI data passed at all?

Hi Martin,
I’ve always done my programming in Cubase and used Reason almost like a VSTi. But I did remove Cubase as a trouble shooting tactic and the CC data works as expected when I program directly into Reason.

To be specific, most of the Combinator patches in Reason use the first rotary knob for the filter frequency cutoff.
If I bypass Cubase and program directly in Reason, The CC data works as expected in the Combinator.
When I Rewire with Cubase, the basic midi functions all work: notes, pitch-bend modulation…
But the CC data does not get passed through. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s almost like Cubase is filtering the CC data to the Rewire buss.

Thanks in advance if you’re able to figure this out.

I ended up having to use the Note Expression feature in Cubase to resign the CC# on the rotary knobs. This is a track by track solution that I stumbled on so it has to be repeated for each track that you need to use CC with Reason. I’m sure there are other ways to do this.

For those who are interested here is the longer explanation:
What I’ve discovered is that Propellerheads somehow hard wires rotary knobs 1-4 directly to the rotaries on their Combinator and some synths. So when programming in Reason’s sequencer the connection is made for you. But the REAL CC# of those first 4 rotary knobs is actually CC# 71-75 in Reason.

I just wanted to control the Filter cutoff in Reason.
Turns out the normal use of the first rotary knob is Pan, CC#10.

Here is what I did:

In Cubas Note Expression

  • Go to the midi control setup and make CC # 71-75 visible in the Parameters list.
  • Enable CC # 71 (or as many as you need) in the list.
  • Assign the CC# 71 to CC#10
  • Now when I enable record in cubase and turn the first knob it controls the filter cutoff in Reaon’s - Combinator (and Thor).

Again, this has to be done for each track