Rewire Channel Output Bus Amnesia

Not sure if this has just started with 8.5.1, but rewire bus outputs are not remembered. The workaround for not having customisable stereo rewire channels was to group them, but now this is broken which makes for painful re-routing every time a project is opened.

So, if your rewire channel is bussed to a group, if you close and re-open the project you will see it has been re-routed to the master bus instead.

What is the difference between being filed under “Issue Report” and “Miscellaneous”?

I have the same problem with 8.5.15 on Mac OSX 10.11.

Yep, thanks for confirming. It would still seem it’s chucked out here in ‘Miscellaneous’ land with no explanation, and NO logged reference under ‘Collected Issues’. Despite being easily reproducible, having been reported a month ago, and having been PM’d to Jochen Schmidt @ Tech Support.

Took over two-and-a-half months for a mere acknowledgement. Two-and-a-half minutes to test.

8.5.2 just released: still broken, please fix!

Is this fixed in v9?

I’m also still waiting on an answer for whether or not this issue is fixed in Cubase 9. I would upgrade right now if it is, but it’s been months and not a single reply from Steinberg or any Cubase/Reason users…

Until I hear different, i’m assuming it hasn’t been fixed and Steinberg will not be getting my $199 for the upgrade.