Rewire Cubase 8.5 & Sibelius 8.1 on mac

I just got a job for a friend that wants me to write some string arrangements for him. So now I have dived in to Cubase rewired to Sibelius (or as a matter of fact the other way round).
I can get to work, but one feature: When I want to start play-back from Sibelius by clicking a barline and press p, Cubase will start from the bar shown in the transport in Sibelius. So to be able to rewind back to another start position I have to switch back to Cubase.
Anyone have a solution?


Using HW controller, which controls Cubase is a great solution for this setup. You coul use your MC Control (as I can see in your sign). :wink:

Hi Martin
Tried to make a setup on Pro Tools, Logic X and Digital Performer, same scenario, some time Sibelius just goes bananas and the bar counter goes crazy. The setup doesn’t work steady enough. By the way I have discarded my MC Control and Mix. I don’t think Steinberg will ever improve the integration with Cubase. I have bought an iPad Pro and uses Lemur and my own setup, works nice!