Rewire cubase artist 6.6.5 to reason 3.04 [Working]

Hi,here is how I got rewire to work. Because it was crashing Cubase all the time.

  1. I got 3.04 update
  2. Got the rewire update (in the update page)
  3. Get the software, got it from google, the first link, search for ReWire & Rex for Windows Vista
    It say vista, but it’s for vista and higher.
  4. Install Cubase in 32 bit
  5. Make all Cubase update 6.5.5
  6. In Cubase, menu, device setup, vst audio setup, check: release driver.
  7. menu, device setup, In midi, midi port setup, uncheck stuff there, because it will block reason to start. So all your IN must be inactive.
  8. Start reason, it should start fine.
  9. In Cubase, menu, device, rewire.
  10. Choose the first 2 stereo.
  11. Choose something to play in reason ex: sub-tractor
  12. and it will play in Cubase.

You can then disable
In Cubase, menu, device setup, vst audio setup, uncheck: release driver.
So you can do your adjustment of device in reason.