"Rewire" doesnt appear under "Devices"


so…I dont have anything that says “Rewire” under my devices tab. did i miss something?

Are you using a 32 or 64 bit version of Cubase?

First of all, 64 bit cubase does not yet support rewire, so at the present you have to use 32 bit cubase and 32 bit rewire slave, like Reason. I had the same problem of rewire not showing up even when using 32 bit programs for host and slave. Look for the rewire dll in the program files you are trying rewire to. Then copy it into the cubase plugins folder. The next time you start cubase, it will show up when you click on devices. Good luck.

oh…boy… :confused:
my entire system is 64bit. :unamused:
so, im assuming since my C5 was 64bit and i purchased the C6 64bit upgrade, that will mean i cant install a 32bit correct?

also, i was just looking around my prog files and saw an old cubase 5 directory here @_@, is this normal? shouldnt it have deleted it when i upgraded?


You can install 32 bit Cubase on a 64 bit installation of Windows, with the side effect being a full 4GB of memory will be available to individual applications (rewired applications have no additional allowance).

hmmm, that should be fine.

thanks guys!!