Rewire export timing off by 1 bar (solved user error)

im having this issue and i dont know what to do exactly

cubase is running as rewire master and ableton live is running as rewire slave

there is maybe a setting i am overlooking ?


What exactly do you mean by “export timing”? Do you mean it is OK when you playback, and then when you export, all tracks in Kive are shifted?

Is it 1 bar, or is it more based on time? Can you try to change the tempo, please?

ok now ive tried a few times and it just works and now i feel stupid lol

most likely user error sorry


ok in case you were wondering what was happening because i didnt really explain so well

i had midi track from cubase controlling abletons native synths and it gave the latency issues

it exported correctly on time when i just arranged the midi clips in ableton arrangement view