Rewire / Export with Ableton Live ???

Okay, here’s a noob question for ya… It might be a good question, it might be a dumb one. But here goes.

I’m working with a guy who sends me songs to work on. My main DAW is Cubase Artist 6, his is Ableton Live. He’s gonna send me his projects that I can open in my own copy of Ableton, that I will then rewire to Cubase to work on the song.

BUT … and here’s my question: would it be possible to record ALL his tracks out of my Ableton at once directly into Cubase?

Yes, I know that I can have every track separately in Cubase on a Rewire track, but I’d like to have all the wav’s directly in Cubase, as it saves CPU, and also because I don’t use Ableton for anything at all, really.

So what I’m hoping is that one of you knowledgable people will tell me that I won’t need to mute/solo each Rewire track and export it separately into Cubase… You know, isn’t there maybe a way to route each Rewire channel to a different audio track, and then just record all tracks in there?

Curious for your thoughts! :ugeek:

Anyone have thoughts on this?

I’d use Live standalone and use Jackaudio/Jackrouter ASIO driver to route audio from/to applications.

This way, every Live track -> Jackrouter ASIO output channel can be looped back to a Jackrouter ASIO input channel and is available in Cubase as a standard audio input, just like an external instrument…