Rewire Improvements

Two improvements to Rewire that I would like to see…

Link two mono channels into one stereo channel.
This could be a simple button between each pair of mono inputs. That would probably be easier than listing all of them twice (once as stereo and once as mono) like Live does. Sending each panned mono channel to a stereo group works, but what a pain to do for each device you want to bring in and what a mess to look at in the mixer (I hide the mono sources, but still).

Show parameter names for MIDI CC controls.
I know we’ll likely never get true VST automation to control Rewired devices (probably a totally different protocol with Reason since those aren’t even VST devices?), but it would sure make things easier if we could see the parameter names instead of a CC number.

Ableton Live does both of these things so I know it is possible.