Rewire in 9.5

I experience multiple crashes and bugs with Reason rewired in 9.5. No problems in 9.0. Anyone have the same problem ?


Could you share the crashlog file, please?

Sure, where can I find that, please ?

Edit : I found .dmp files. Is that it ? How can I read those ?

Yes, the dump file from Documents/Steinberg/crashdumps. I need the source dump file itself, please.

Ok, how can I send you that ?

Share it via Dropbox or similar service, please.

By the way, 9.5 also crashes when I render in place. Maybe I should deinstall and reinstall ?

Yes, you could try.

If it crashes afterwards too, please send both craslogs. Then please add a readMe file where you describe, which crash is after Render In Place and which is Rewrie, please.

Just my 2c but I’ve found crash in place often occurs from plugins, especially plugins which have oversampling settings. I have a couple which are finicky that way.

The reinstall seems to have solved the problems so far… I’ll let you know, but thanks anyway.