Hi guys, im using cubase 6.5 on windwos 7 64bit computer.

rewire is not working, its not even showing in the devices which is strange, i thought it was built into cubase so should show upon start up.

anyone else had this or can help before i contact support ?


A little more information is necessary, please.

  • What program are you trying to rewire to?
  • Is your install of Cubase 6.5 64 bit?

I have no clue…

Hi guys, im running cubase the latest update of cubase 6.5 in 64 bit windows mode.

im wanting to rewire ableton, ive had this working fine up until i went to 64bit windows.

even before i open ableton rewire should show up on cubase under my devices menu but there is nothing. My friend who has the same version of cubase but on windows 32 bit has it working fine, the rewire shows up on cubase even before any other program is opened.

its very frustrating. any help would be good before i approach the dreaded steinberg support!

many thanks

Ableton is only a 32 bit program.
The Cubase you’re using is 64 bit.

The host and the slave in Rewire have to match (32 bit to 32 bit, 64 bit to 64 bit).

What you’re currently attempting to do is unfortunately impossible.

However, you can install Cubase 32 bit and use it to rewire to Ableton. You can then record what you want and import it into Cubase 64 bit. The installer for Cubase 32 bit can be found on your install DVD.

Cubase 32 bit will install alongside Cubase 64 bit just fine (however, I wouldn’t recommend using them both at the same time).

There is a 64 bit beta available for Ableton 8 owners. I have it and it rewires perfectly to
Cubase 64 bit! Hope this helps.

thanks alot guys for your help.

i will install 32 bit cubase along side my 64 bit one, then will use the 64 bit ableton.

thanks for your answers.