rewire not working 32bit


i been trying for 2 weeks now to get reason 6 to rewire with cubase 6 both apps apear to be running as 32 bit

i just cant find anything causing it to not work



could any reason 6 + cubase 6 user that has 32bit rewire working , could they plz tell me if they have a file named “ReWire” on their hdd


I have my rewire.dll intact and well working on C6 and winXP.
I’m not using propellerheads reason, rebirth. And Steinberg Halion SO, and Renoise rewired.
I would suspect your win7 OS on 64bit to be the culprit, don’t think rewire is ready for win7 yet; it’s just a guess thou.

yeah i know win7 and rewire aint quite up to it yet
but it should or should i say does work in 32 bit

well i have no rewire.dll file
but now you mentioned XP
maybe i dont need one

does anyone running win 7 have a rewire.dll file ??

hey Jobu

where is the rewire .dll file plz ?


i done it i found a rewire.dll file inside c/x86program files/propellerrhead ,

i copied it to the cubase instal folder (where it was missing )

and now it all works

i wonder how that went missing or who is responsible for it not being there

There’s actually a lot of rewire files.
The common file for the system is at c://windows/system32
but the specific ones for the plugs resides in the plugin folders.

Do a search (a scan) from the start button (or rightclick your HD and select Search) on your comp (the complete c://) for the “rewire” , omit .dll from the search. If you have it/them they should show up.

Ok. Good!
I was a bit late. :frowning: